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Lars Hafner

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Dr. Lars Hafner is a known innovative educator, energetic leader, and passionate political analyst with demonstrated success in both of education and politics. Dr. Hafner served 12 years in the Florida State Legislature as an elected state representative until term limits were set in place in 2000.

As a faithful, 12-year member of the Florida House Appropriations Committee, he developed a strong fiscal background and helped write, negotiate, debatem and pass a multi-billion dollar budget each of his 12 years. Dr. Hafner authored and led to passage numerous, significant pieces of legislation in the areas of education, ethics, health, and human services and environmental. For his work in these areas, Dr. Hafner received a lifetime Legislative Achievement Award.

Most recently, Lars Hafner served as the President of State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, the area’s oldest and largest public institution of higher education with 36,000 credit students annually. There, Dr. Hafner worked in concert with SCF employees and community members of the Board of Trustees to propel several new priorities. These accomplishments include technology upgrades, sustainability initiatives, commitment to the community college mission, and transformational leadership to bring four-year degree programs to the institution. He also helped to acquire baccalaureate status for the college, a process that resulted in outstanding success at both the regional and program levels. Ever the visionary, Dr. Hafner also created the South College of Florida Collegiate School, a unique and first of its king middle to high school housed on a college campus.

SCF Collegiate School emphasizes globalization and the enrollment of first generation students. From middle school to high school it offers a continuum of education that provides students the opportunity to graduate simultaneously with a high school diploma and an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree.

Above all, Dr. Lars Hafner is dedicated to reaching across the asiles of disagreement and conquering dangerous tribalism through truthful speech — something that he lives out as a political analyst for WTSP Channel 10, Tampa Bay’s CBS affiliate in the 11th largest media market. In this position, he regularly provides on air analysis of federal, state, and local politics on both policy issues and campaigns.

Past Positions

Political Analyst

Lars Hafner provides on air political analysis for WTSP Channel 10.

State Representative, Florida Legislature

Lars Hafner served 12 years in the Florida Legislature as an elected state representative.

President, State College of Florida

Lars Hafner served as the President of the State College of Florida, the area’s oldest and largest public institution.


  • Lars Hafner’s work in the areas of education, ethics, health, environment, and human services earned him a Lifetime Legislative Achievement Award.


Lars Hafner earned his Ph.D. in Leadership and Education/Higher Education dministration from Barry University.

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